Hello fb- Some talk shows seem to talk more NEGATIVE about fathers than the POSITIVE. Jerry Springer and the other shows who degrade fathers take a twist in your program and produce more POSITIVE shows about fathers. More POSITIVE shows about fathers need to be shown to viewers, let's go Oprah Winfrey,Ellen, The View,The Talk,Wendy Williams,Tyra Banks, Dr.Phil,David Letterman,jay Leno and the rest of the talk shows show more POSITIVE fathers shows than you do.If you don't show any,when are you going to start ?
It's my belief that fathers are vital in the life of their child/children.You could look at a group of boys and girls between the ages of 11-18 and by their dress,conversation and what they do you can most of the time pin point those who have their father active in their lives.When fathers are invovled in the lives of their child/children they become more mentally sharp,more emotionally stable,more psychologically coherent,more spiritually grounded and more economically centered. 
Hello fb- In our lives everyone has a purpose in life which affects people for the better of all people Internationally.I thank God for allowing me to find/know my purpose in my life( bridging fathers and children) at an early age.I like to thank my triplets- Alexandria( strength),Alexia( courage) and Aaron( determination) for all the patience with me the last three years while putting " Internationalfathers" together on youtube. I like to thank the mother of my triplets LisaMaria Laws for her patience,tolerance and believing in me on this journey. With this woman I do not experience no drama when it comes down to our triplets,because she understands the responsibility of a father,his role and all that goes with fatherhood.

I like to thank the following people for their early assistance with 
"Internationalfathers"- Nelson Moody,Kurin Johnson,James Pierce and Carlos Keepnitmovn Santana. I thank you all for the early assistance with me.

A very,very special thanks to Rico D'Sean Knox III for your friendship,your ear,your wisdom and your knowledge.Thank you for understanding completely my vision as it relates to " bridging fathers and children Internationally". You have given me a yes after about 60 no's from people,this is the beginning of my yes's. They all saw the vision.

Over the last two years three fathers found me and my work on youtube and facebook who were going through custody issues. They each purchased my fourth book" A Father's Self- Representation: Hosea 4:6 ( Eliminating the middleman-the attorny) and it turned their cases around in their favor.I felt good knowing my work helped someone I didn't know.This book teach a father how to represent himself in court for child custody from the circuit court in his city to The Supreme Court of The United States. In this book I break down the legal language like breaking down a fraction to it's least common denominator to where a 12 year old child can understand.

For over 14 years of determination,perserverance,endurance and the willingness not to quit I bring to you- www.Internationalfathers.org.  
A good father is one of the most unsung,unpraised and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society- Billy Graham,Christian Evangelist. 
The following newspapers in Baltimore City you too can produce POSITIVE stories about fathers IF YOU WANT TO- The Afro,The Sun,The Baltimore Times,The City Paper,the college news papers,Baltimore Magazines and others again IF YOU WANT TO.Politicians you can get invovled too- President of City Council- Bernard Jack Young,Carl Stokes,Aisha Braveboy State Delegate and others who talk about that child/children without a father in his/her in their life become trouble children in the future instead of ASSISTING KEEPING THEM AT A DISTANCE FROM THEIR FATHERS 
Over the last six months the media( radio and tv) have had stories of all kinds to talk about,however when it comes down to stories about fathers the NEGATIVE stories seem to get all the attention.There are a lot of POSITIVE stories out there.

With that in mind- Billy Wilkins,Marc Steiner,Anthony McCarthy,Jeff Majors,Ron Kipling Williams,Tim Watts and Tim Williams- people in the media Let's get some POSITIVE stories about fathers out there.You can start with me check out my website- www.Internationalfathers.org. You can book me to speak.With the resources you guys have you can make it happen,IF YOU WANT TO



    Nelson L. Moody Sr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland to a single mother. He grew up in a loving home yet he had friends and family who had both parents in their lives, if not in the home together. He never met his father so there always seemed to be a void in his life. When he was 10 years old and began to think about his future, he promised himself that whenever he has children, no matter the circumstance, he would actively be present in their lives.


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